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Hi there! Welcome to the Anna Godwin Photographs blog, a journal about our lives, travels, and of course beautiful celebrations. Stay a while and say hello!

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From Engagement Session to Honeymoon with Mary Beth & Ryan

Sep 29, 2021

I just happened to be out on assignment at the Alys Beach area when I ran into my couple on their honeymoon. I was walking by with one of my other couples, Bailee and Danny when I saw Mary Beth and Ryan sitting at a little outdoor cafe in Alys beach. I looked over and saw them sitting there absolutely picturesque. As I was having a full-on “I’m sorry, am I hallucinating?” Reese Witherspoon moment we called out excitedly to each other. I had JUST shot their wedding!! I typically don’t see my couples that close to the wedding day so this was very exciting stuff. (we’re talking three days after) I just had to ask them if I could snap a few photos as a gift to them since I was already there. I couldn’t go on without preserving that moment for them! As we parted ways, I asked Mary Beth to text me in about an hour because I would be done with my current session then. I even snapped a few personal photos while I was there to truly take in the moment. It was everything I love about what I do and then some.

Mary Beth and Ryan truly are the sweetest people. After two engagement sessions together earlier in the year (one in Smith Lake AL and one in downtown Birmingham AL) we had spent a lot of time together so I got to know them pretty well. It’s always fun for me as a photographer to witness so many sacred moments for my couples and step into some intimate places in their lives. I think togetherness is so important and every moment spent with the people I work with is something I treasure. In summary, these two hold a very special place in my heart.

Shot on Portra 400, 120mm on Mamiya 645 Pro TL & some 35mm.

Here’s a look back on our times together.

(hopefully, many more to come ♡)

Alys Beach Honeymooon

Wedding Day

Summer Engagement

Fall Engagement




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