I'm Anna. AL based, destination wedding photographer inspired by all things romantic and soulful.

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storyteller, dreamer, friend

I'm an Alabama Native living with my husband Pierce, and our two crazy pups, Harvey and Piper. When I'm not busy traveling to photograph weddings, you can find me spending cozy days at home with my little family, having dinner with close friends, or dreaming about my next trip to anywhere that involves Mountains. 

I fell in love with Pierce for small reasons like how cute he looks in his glasses, but more importantly the way he's always sticking up for the underdog. Pierce has a heart for people, and a presence that makes everyone around him feel so at ease. 

Pierce and I started dating in the Fall of 2013, and the rest is history. We got married in February of 2017, and I can confidently say that we highly recommend the married life. Pierce and I think marriage is one of the most important things on this Earth, and every couple we photograph is so near & dear to our hearts. 

Pierce is my second shooter, or permanent boyfriend as I like to call him, so if you spot me photographing a wedding, or shooting an engagement, you'll likely see Pierce somewhere close by. I'm convinced he's the friendliest person on Earth, so it's nice to have him as an interpreter on how to speak "male" while photographing wedding parties.   

I could talk about him all day, so you'll just have to meet him and see for yourself. 

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My calling is to capture people who are madly in love in real, authentic ways. To me, 'perfect' looks like the breeze blowing through the bride's hair and dress, catching her 100% real laughter after the groom whispers in her ear, and capturing the tears falling from the father of the bride's cheeks while the vows are being exchanged. 

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By the time we reach your wedding day, I want to be more like a close friend than just a person following you around with a camera. Need someone to spot fly aways in your hair? Don't worry friend, I've got your back. I'm truly honored to be apart of such special memories, and my number one goal is to serve you. 

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Breakfast in Bed & Coffee table Books

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My Pups 

Snow Capped Mountains 

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